We hope you know our location should be your destination whenever you’re looking for auto body painting in San Diego, CA because we offer a full suite of auto painting services. Similarly, we want you to know that you simply have to contact our Kia collision center in San Diego whenever you have an automotive question.

The different body styles that are available in the marketplace are a topic we get asked about a lot, possibly because we work on all of them. Being familiar with the different kinds of cars that are available can help you choose the body style that’s perfect for you given the life stage you’re currently in or the phase you’ll be entering soon.

Drivers who are entering their golden years and who want to enjoy the fruits of their decades-long labor may want to treat themselves to a sports car. Sports cars generally have seats for just two passengers although some may have seating for as many as five people. While many people think sports cars are all luxury vehicles, not all of them are. Whether they’re produced by a luxury brand or not, sports cars are often celebrated for their maneuverability and speed.

If you’re the parent of a growing family, you may want to look into getting a minivan. Minivans can accommodate up to eight passengers and they have ample cargo room. Modern minivans are sleekly-styled, loaded with features, and comfortable.

SUVs and pickup trucks have become increasingly popular picks among people looking for an alternative family hauler. These body styles are also smart choices for motorists who need a capable, versatile automobile for work, recreational purposes, or both.

To learn more about the body styles that are readily available at car dealerships throughout the nation, contact Sunroad Collision Center now.