When they’re looking for Chrysler car dent repair in San Diego, many drivers head directly over to our Chrysler body shop because they know we have a proven repair process in place. Our process is transparent and straightforward so you’ll always know what we’re up to when we’re working on your vehicle.

Just like you’ll know what to expect when you bring your automobile into our shop, you need to know what to do during a test drive. A test drive is an opportunity for you to collect information you can use to determine if a given car will support your lifestyle better than others.

While you may want to just show up at a dealership and request a test drive in the model of your choice, it’s generally wise to make an appointment. Making an appointment will allow a dealer to make sure the vehicle you want to test drive is ready and waiting when you arrive, which can save you time.

Before you pull off the lot, make sure the car’s seats are comfortable and the vehicle looks like you thought it would. Try the entertainment features and ensure they’re easy to use. Turn off the radio prior to pulling out of the lot so you can monitor the noise level while you’re on the road.

While you’re driving, see how responsive the brakes, acceleration, and steering are. Look for blind spots, too. Get a feel for how well (or poorly) the automobile absorbs bumps in the road. Try parallel and perpendicular parking to see how easy it will be to squeeze into parking spaces near our San Diego, CA RAM truck collision center and other locations.

Do you need more tips to get ready for an upcoming test drive? Do you need an estimate for a repair? Contact Sunroad Collision Center today.