When people visit our BMW collision center in San Diego, CA they often ask us all sorts of questions. We’re always happy to answer drivers’ questions because we love sharing our knowledge with interested parties. Engines are a topic that motorists ask us about a lot.

Many drivers ask us about engines because they’re curious about the options that will be available to them when they shop for an automobile. Just like we provide expert services in our auto body shop, we do our best to provide answers that our clients and visitors can rely on, and that’s certainly the case when engines are being discussed.

There are several kinds of engines that are commonly found on modern vehicles, two of which are internal combustion engines. Gas engines generate the power necessary to propel a car by using spark plugs to ignite a combination of fuel and air in their cylinders. By contrast, diesel engines use the sheer force of compression to ignite the same mixture to create energy.

Gas engines are usually more fuel-efficient than diesel engines, but the latter engine type normally produces more power than the former. No matter how efficient a given gas engine might be, it’s highly unlikely it will be as efficient as a hybrid.

Hybrid cars are powered by an engine, a motor, and a battery that work together to propel the vehicles. Because hybrid cars don’t rely on their gas engines exclusively, they ordinarily get better mileage per gallon than automobiles equipped with gas engines.

Electric vehicles don’t use an engine at all, which makes them the most fuel-efficient automobiles hands-down. An electric car simply needs to be recharged rather than refueled to go farther along the roadway.

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