Here at Sunroad Collision Center, we see too much of the aftermath of accidents to not consider safety a number one priority. It’s easy to get your car fixed at your friendly automotive collision center in located in San Diego, but it’s a lot less easy to get yourself or your family fixed should someone be injured in an accident. That’s why we want to ensure Sunroad Collision Center customers are up to date on new vehicle safety features for 2014. After all, one could help save your life.

All cars come with a standard set of safety features like seat belts and airbags. However, technology has a lot to offer drivers in terms of optional safety features:

–       Hydrophobic Windows: It’s important to keep your windshield wipers in good working order, but some times it’s hard to get around to it. Hydrophobic windows are treated to shed water and increase visibility in poor weather.

–       Pedestrian/Cyclist Detection: This one is important for San Diego drivers, since there are plenty of people walking and biking in sunny southern California. This detection system warns the driver if there’s someone in the vehicle’s path and even applies the brakes if the driver cannot.

–       Automatic Lane Keeping: We’ve all done it. Reached for a CD or turned to chat with the passenger and the vehicle veers. Usually it’s only slightly, but any lane deviation can have horrible consequences. Automatic Lane Keeping utilizes cameras on the vehicle to maintain your proper position on the road.

These are just three great new safety features for 2014. When buying a car always pay attention to safety features and in the event of an accident, know that Sunroad Collision Center is here for you.