If you’ve been looking over reviews of San Diego auto repair shops, you’ve probably seen shops that are reviewed quite favorably and others that received less than stellar reviews. How an auto body shop like Sunroad Collision Center is reviewed is important, just as it is for any business.

In today’s connected society, crowd-sourced review websites have become incredibly powerful. They’ve also become trusted resources that many consumers visit on a regular basis.

In fact, 60 percent of shoppers look at reviews online at least once per week. Approximately 93 percent of consumers say the reviews they read online influence their buying decisions. Nearly 70 percent of shoppers are willing to spend 15 percent more for a product or service if they’re confident they’ll have a better experience somewhere else.

Those numbers are pretty impressive, aren’t they? While some business owners and managers might be afraid of the reviews they might get online, we’re not. We work hard every day to earn five-star reviews on every review site where our San Diego, CA auto body shop is listed, including Yelp.

We’re proud of the reviews we’ve earned and we encourage you to look through them. When you do, you’ll see that we’ve been quick to thank people for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their thoughts regarding our shop. And we’re just as quick to address any negative issues that are mentioned in the reviews we receive.

We’re not afraid that our reviews will influence someone’s decision because we want them to convince drivers to do business with us. If you’re trying to pick a collision center in or near San Diego, look through our reviews to see why Sunroad Collision Center is the right location for you.

Take some time to read our online reviews today.