If you don’t know how to respond to road hazards, you may end up needing the services provided in our San Diego, CA BW collision repair center. While the experts in our Honda auto body shop are always eager to help drivers recover from an accident by repairing their cars, we’re even happier when we can share advice that will prevent you from needing our services.

To avoid requiring our services, it’s essential that you know how to respond to some common road hazards before you encounter them. Reckless drivers are a threat to everyone on the road, including themselves. People who text while operating a vehicle, motorists who drive while impaired, and people who drive way too fast or slow are examples of reckless drivers.

If you come across a reckless driver, slow down, let the person pass you, and maintain a generous distance between your automobile and the other person’s car. When a reckless driver is really out of control, pull off the road and call law enforcement when you reach a safe location.

Potholes and debris are additional dangers you need to be prepared to handle. If you hit a pothole or a solid piece of debris too fast, it can damage your vehicle. When you notice a pothole or some rubbish in your path, slow down and move into another lane. If you can’t avoid a pothole, grip your steering wheel firmly and navigate your automobile through it slowly.

Inattentive pedestrians can create dangerous situations for drivers. Never assume that a pedestrian of any age will look for oncoming traffic when crossing the street. If you see a pedestrian who wants to cross the road, slow down and be prepared to stop quickly if the person attempts to cross in front of your vehicle.

For more advice about reacting to road hazards, contact Sunroad Collision Center today.