Do you want to know one of the reasons people bring their vehicles into our BMW auto body repair shop in San Diego? It’s because they tried to tow something but didn’t do it correctly. Towing isn’t just about moving something from one location to another. It’s also about moving something from point A to point B safely, without causing damage to your vehicle or anyone else’s property.

When you visit our San Diego body shop, you’ll see that we offer specials on the services we provide. While we do what we can to make our services as affordable as possible, you should do your part to avoid having to use our services in the first place. One way you can do that is by learning how to tow safely.

To tow something the right way, you need to make sure your trailer is in good condition. Make sure your trailer’s tires are properly inflated and that its parking lights, brake lights, and turn signals work. For added safety, consider putting some reflectors on your trailer.

Before you tow something on the road, you should practice towing in a vacant parking lot. When you’re towing, you’ll need to accelerate and stop slower than you do when there isn’t a trailer attached to your automobile. You’ll need to take turns a lot slower, too. Changing lanes will require more space when you’re towing something and backing up will be considerably more challenging. Practice all of these things before you hit the road. Once you think you’ve mastered these maneuvers, repeat them again.

If you’re going to tow something and you want to avoid having to bring your tow vehicle into our Ford auto body repair shop in San Diego, take our advice and practice towing before you head out on the road. For more towing tips, contact Sunroad Collision Center today.