When they visit our San Diego, CA Kia collision center, some drivers comment that they feel as if their automobile is trying to communicate with them. While no one expects their car to talk to them, automobiles are fully capable of communicating with their drivers. Your car can signal you have a problem with your brakes with a vibrating brake pedal, for example.

One frequent way an automobile communicates is through sounds. Certain sounds may indicate you should bring your car into our Honda auto body shop as soon as possible while others may be a sign of a potential problem that might not require immediate attention. Either way, you should ever ignore an odd sound emanating from your vehicle.

Here are some common car noises and what they may be an indication of:

  • Rattling in your wheel well: When you hear a sound that’s reminiscent of a coin in a clothes dryer, it may be because there’s a loose lug nut in your wheel. If that’s the case, it needs to be remedied immediately.
  • Squealing, grinding, or growling coming from your wheel wells: If you hear squealing coming from your wheel wells, it’s probably a sign that your brake pads will need to be replaced in the near future. If the sound progresses to grinding or growling, you can’t put off having your brakes serviced any longer.
  • Snapping, popping, or clicking when you make turns: Drivers who operate a vehicle with front- or all-wheel drive need to listen for these sounds as they’re making turns. If you hear these sounds when you turn, it may indicate one or both of your CV joints need to be replaced ASAP.

To learn more about car sounds and what they might mean, contact the staff at Sunroad Collision Center today.