We know you have plenty of BMW collision centers in San Diego to choose from, which is why we do so many things to make our convenient location stand out from the pack. One way we distinguish our San Diego, CA Kia auto body repair shop from the competition is by offering a warranty on our work for however long you own your automobile. Another way we separate our shop from our competitors is by offering sound advice on a wide array of automotive topics.

This time of year, many parents ask about body styles that are great for college kids. You see, most parents want to get their college student a vehicle that will last well beyond their child’s college years. With that in mind, we often advise parents to look for versatile body styles that will help their kid transition from student to working professional and, possibly, parent seamlessly.

In general, crossovers or SUVs are smart picks for college students. These vehicles have plenty of room for cargo, which is important if a student is going to transport their stuff to and from campus at the beginning and end of a school year, respectively. These body styles also have plenty of passenger room, making it a breeze for a graduate to travel with their coworkers or clients as well as their future children if the person has any.

Hatchbacks and sedans are also wise picks. Some hatchbacks have as much cargo room as small or mid-size SUVs and crossovers. Sedans have a classic appeal, which allows them to make a lasting impression on campus and anywhere a college student may go after graduation.

To learn more about body styles that are fantastic for college students, give us a call or stop by Sunroad Collision Center on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard today.