While we’re proud to operate one of the leading auto repair shops in San Diego, it doesn’t mean we want to see you at our facility more than necessary. Although we enjoy repairing cars, we like it even more when drivers don’t require any of our services because it means they’re saving money by not having to pay for repairs.

If you’ve had to bring your car into our San Diego, CA Ford body shop several times in recent months, you might be wondering if it makes sense for you to continue to repair your car or get a new one. We know having to have your vehicle fixed is inconvenient, but you need to look beyond the inconvenience when you’re trying to decide if you should repair your car or buy a new one.

The choice between fixing your current car and buying a different one really boils down to numbers. You need to look back over the past year or so and see how much it costs you to own your current automobile.

Add up your fixed costs, including your registration, insurance premiums, and taxes. Add your variable costs as well, such as your fuel, maintenance, and repair expenses. Add your fixed and variable costs and divide the total by twelve.

This calculation will review how much you’re spending to own your vehicle every month. If you’re spending more than what you’d have to pay per month to own a new car, it might be time to get a new automobile. If you’re spending more than what your current car is worth on an annual basis, it’s generally advisable to purchase a new vehicle. And luckily for you, we have numerous Sunroad dealerships throughout the area for you to visit!

If it’s not time for you to get a new car and your current ride needs repairs, make an appointment to bring your vehicle into Sunroad Collision Center now.