Greetings and welcome to all of our fellow San Diego, CA residents! We’re Sunroad Collision Center and we’re your trusted body shop in San Diego that specializes in making all your auto body, glass, and paint repairs an absolute breeze! Vehicle damage is not something you want to attempt to repair on your own. You’re under enough stress just worrying about it! Accidents are no fun, wear and tear is a real bummer, and cosmetic damage is about as much fun as stepping on a nail. Why complicate things by trying to the job yourself or risk inferior quality work at a lesser body shop? Bring your vehicle to Sunroad Collision Center, the trusted San Diego body shop, and put your mind at ease!

Taking your vehicle to a less than reputable body shop is akin to going to a discount doctor. You never know what you’re going to get from a quality standpoint or an honesty standpoint. At Sunroad Collision Center, you get honest, friendly, high-quality service at competitive prices. You can depend on the expertise of our technicians and their dedication to your satisfaction. We don’t measure our success by the bottom line, rather the smiles on the faces of happy customers. If you’re not driving off the lot, grinning ear to ear, then we’ve done something wrong. It has always been our goal to create long, lasting, professional relationships founded on a track record of excellent service. We’d love to make a happy customer out of you at Sunroad Collision Center and we eagerly await the opportunity to fix your vehicle and earn your faith. We hope to serve you soon and wish you a wonderful day!