The glass on your automobile is a very important component. Just think about how difficult it would be to drive without a rearview mirror. Or imagine driving with a windshield that had serious cracks in it. Not only is it an unsightly distraction, but a potential safety hazard as well. Your views are obstructed and if something were to hit that cracked windshield, you run the chance of it shattering altogether. Fortunately, there’s good news at the end of the story! Sunroad Collision Center, your friendly body shop serving San Diego, can take care of all of your auto glass repair needs!

Sunroad Collision Center is the trusted San Diego auto body shop and our services are expansive and thorough. We’ve earned our reputation for high-quality work through an unerring dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. If your vehicle is need of glass repair of any kind – from cracked mirrors to chipped windshields and all the way up to full-scale¬†glass replacement after a collision, we can expertly remedy even the most challenging of jobs. Often times, people think that the crack in their windshield¬†means the entire thing needs to be replaced but at Sunroad Collision Center, our expert technicians can often salvage the windshield by repairing the damaged area on its own. This saves you money and time – naturally, that’s what we’re all about!

Sunroad Collision Center is your number one destination for all of your auto body repair needs. We’d love to help minimize your inconvenience when your vehicle is in need of repair and we’ll make it our mission to earn your trust and your business through the highest levels of customer service imaginable. We look forward to serving you soon!